Why is the cunning old fox George Soros dumping physical gold for gold stocks

Hedge fund investor George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England, once again threw the cat among the pigeons last week when it was revealed that he had sold his gold holdings.
But remember his cunning deception of a just over a year ago when Soros said gold was the ‘ultimate bubble’ and people also took that as a signal to get out of gold & silver. At the time many Silver/Gold bugs rumbled him and said this was nonsense and that Soros was a buyer not a seller of gold.
Well is he a buyer or seller of Gold?
Now what is he up to? Seemingly again turning his back on the precious yellow metal that looks far from finished in its ‘ultimate bubble’ phase dare I say? C’mon Mr Soros do you think that people are going to fall for that trick for a second time?
The clue is in the parallel revelation that Soros has bought Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold and Goldcorp. Why would anybody who thought the gold bubble done go out and buy such stocks? They will go down in price when gold does, and you don’t need to be the man who broke the Bank of England to know that.
However, as the gold bubble grows the place to be invested to get the best from the bubble shifts from physical metal to large gold stocks and ultimately to the now despised junior exploration stocks.
Mr. Soros is merely moving up the hierarchy, and after the best gains for the next phase of the gold bubble. Expect him to buy some gold juniors after that.
He is likely sat on cash from the profits of his gold hoards that can be reinvested when gold equity prices hit the floor? Hmmm….Well, I know this, George Soro’s is a deceptive man, that has not taken into consideration the Power of the internet, and the social networking websites. Gone are the days of the ignorance and scaremongering! As Max Keiser and Mike Maloney and many others take the lead in the battle of the information wars.
Join the Silver Liberation Army and crash the banksters! Remember the banksters thrive on your ignorance & fear!

By Marcus Brooks

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