The first shots of World War 3

Dark forces are at work people, they want to clear China and Russia out of the Mediterranean. China has massive energy investments in eastern Libya and is relying on Libya along with Angola and Nigeria for energy needs. This is an Anglo- American lead NATO effort to deny resources to China just as Washington and London denied resources to the Japanese in the 1930’s.

We know for a fact that the CIA & MI6 have been stirring an armed rebellion with the help of Islamic Jehadi fighters in eastern Libya for quite some time, this is a known fact. And the release of Wikileaks cables show that the Western Intelligence agencies are involved in stirring up civil unrest in Syria, because they want to deny the Russian Naval Fleet stationed in the Syrian port of Tartus, access to the Mediterranean. Even famed investment Guru Billionaire  Marc Faber has stated that we are heading towards conflict with China

These are dangerous times people, if any of you want to read my previous blog regarding NATO’s involvement in Libya click on the following link:

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  1. Lets not forget the 30 billion china invested in the canal to irrigate the sands Libia and the 20 billion Russia invested building the airport in Tripoli, that's the new destined goal for AFRICOM, the new HQ

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