Russian spy Chapman to head business newspaper

Anna Chapman, detained for espionage and deported from the United States last year, was appointed editor-in-chief of Venture Business News newspaper.

“I’ve become the chief editor. It’s a small newspaper,” Chapman told RIA Novosti. She admitted to have no plans yet on her future job at the newspaper.
In a statement published on the newspaper’s website, Chapman promised to significantly increase the circulation and improve multimedia and the overall content produced by the newspaper.
As editor-in-chief, Chapman will be in charge of the new column Field News, discussing major events in the venture and investment business in Russia and abroad.
The former spy said she would like to head the newspaper to “promote a positive image of young entrepreneurs, innovators, and technological business managers.” Otherwise, she believes, it will be difficult to create an innovation economy in Russia.
Chapman and ten other Russians were arrested in the U.S. in June 2010 on suspicion of espionage. In July, they were returned to Russia in exchange for four men accused by the Kremlin of spying for foreign intelligence services in Russia.
In an interview to BBC in March, Chapman said she would like to produce 3-D TV programs and manage charity projects.


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