Ponzi Scheme the Bank Of England way

The people of Britain are being hoodwinked by the politicians and inept mainstream media into thinking that money printing is a free lunch, there is no such thing as a free lunch, printing hundreds of billions out of thin air is akin to running a fiat currency ponzi scheme.

The devaluing currency as the money supply increases well beyond that of the average of the past 10 years. Again don’t be fooled by the British Pound,holding steady against other fiat currencies as all of the worlds central banks are engaged in their own ponzi schemes aimed at defrauding existing currency holders of their real value.

Ever escalating money printing is a silent declaration of war on the value of every British citizens hard earned current wage and accumulated savings. All prudent savers are suffering in terms of the loss of quality of life as interest rates have been slashed artificially low making a life time accrued savings  worthless in terms of income, a generation with worse to come as money printing seeks to stealthily destroy the capital value as well.

I believe that in the next 12-18 months time many people will have their entire savings wiped out, yes that’s right folks, there’s going to be %100 fu*%ing carnage, of the likes never seen before. Until the nation’s money supply is made independent of risky and expensive lending at compound interest by the commercial banks to their customers, mass insolvency, endemic inflation and frequent economic crises are guaranteed.

Fortunately, we can escape from the stranglehold of the private banking system, and that’s buying physical Gold & Silver.  

By Marcus Brooks

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