Syria downed Turkish fighter jet over its territorial waters

Turkish F4 Fighter Aircraft (Photo from
Turkish F4 Fighter Aircraft 

The Syrian military has confirmed that it downed a Turkish military jet over its territorial waters. The office of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said it was “understood” that Syria had shot down the plane.
A Syrian military spokesman said an unidentified aerial object violated the country’s airspace and was shot down by anti-aircraft artillery, hitting it one kilometer off the coast of the country, Syrian state news agency SANA reported. 
The plane turned out to be a Turkish fighter jet, and was dealt with in accordance with Syrian law, the spokesman added.
He also stated that Turkey and Syria had started a joint coordinated naval rescue operation.
The Turkish Prime Minister’s office issed a statement earlier saying that Syria was behind the downed jet.
As a result of information obtained from the evaluation of our concerned institutions and from within the joint search and rescue operations with Syria, it is understood that our plane was brought down by Syria,” The Prime Minister’s office stated. 
The office’s statement says Turkey will “decisively” take the necessary measures once all details of the incident come to light, Reuters reports. The search and rescue operation for the missing parts is still underway, the statement says. 
The statement was issued after a two-hour meeting between Erdogan, members of the cabinet and the military.
Rescuers have already found an ejector seat and a parachute in the sea, though there were no signs of the plane itself, Turkish state television reported.
Erdogan told reporters that he could not say whether the plane had crashed or had been shot down following initial reports of the incident. He did not confirm reports that Syria had apologized for the supposed downing of the jet.
There have been conflicting reports over the fate of the plane’s pilots. RT’s Marina Finoshina reports that Syrian sources indicated that they had been captured, while Turkish media reported that they had been rescued.
The jet was unlikely to be carrying out a simple reconnaissance mission, but was probably a provocative probe to test the Syrian security initiative and ability to protect its borders, believes author and academic Colin S. Cavell. Being a NATO member, Turkey can count on the alliance’s support if it comes under attack, he says. 
The F-4 Phantom is utilized and supplied by the US to Turkey, and of course the United States and Turkey can claim that Syria has attacked it,” Cavell told RT. “Of course that would be the ruse they will utilize if they wanted NATO to further intervene. But I don’t think they are going to call on NATO right now.

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