Reggie Middleton – As Nuclear Asset Winter Freezes Over, Central Banks Say "Start Your Engines!"

Welcome to Capital Account. Central banks issue the command to keep the easy money flowing. The ECB cut its benchmark interest rate to a historic low, the Bank of England agreed to more QE, China’s central bank unveiled a surprise interest rate cut, and the Danish Central bank went one step further and entered NIRP territory, a negative interest rate policy. The US is under anesthesia already. Reggie Middleton will explain why no amount of money printing can create wealth. 

And, just as people looked to the concept of a nuclear winter to ponder the cost of human destruction, is that what we are looking at when it comes to asset prices? Reggie Middleton, Entrepreneurial Investor and author of Boom Bust Blog, will explain why any amount of interest rate cutting or money printing cannot prevent a nuclear winter of real asset prices.

Also, former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond testified before members of British parliament over the LIBOR scandal. It has been deemed a preview of what may lie ahead for other big lenders under investigation. However, we will take a look back, as it seems the real pattern of repetition is collusion between authorities and the big banks.

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