Terrorists dropping bread on the ground at so called Bakery bombing 23/12/2012

The LL user “thurgood” published a link in one of the so called “civilian bakery bombed” videos, which shows terrorists dropping bread on the ground to pretend the Syrian Army bombed a bakery !

If you look at the victims in the aftermath videos there are only men of fighting age, some of them wearing camo pants, camo jackets and military multifunction pocket vests. A lot of LL users mentioned that in the comments too, check them out http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2dc_1356278446 espacially in the 2nd video (GRAPHIC CONTENT) you can see the it very clear.

The mass media once again report about this event with the terrorists, they call them activist.., as source and spread the propaganda lies f.e. Al-Arabiya published a news in which they report that “At least 300 people died in this event including women and children”.

I also would like to mention this item which shows how the terrorists rob the Syrian people and sell among others bread made from stolen Syrian wheat in Turkey, while Syrian citizens hunger ! 
Of course, no western mass media will show you that, they will report about bombed bakeries and the shortage of food and blame the Syrian government.

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