MUST WATCH!!! Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E04 The Ozarks

In Episode #4 of Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Jesse and his team tackle one of the lesser known, but more timely of conspiracy theories:  the “Ozarks” conspiracy.
The theory states that members of the Elite, or Illuminati, are preparing for a post-apocalyptic world by building secret, underground refuges across the Ozark Mountains region of the United States, which covers parts of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.   The more sinister version of this theory has the Illuminati building these underground fortresses in preparation for a worldwide catastrophe that they will initiate, themselves.  The voice-over narration describes the Ozarks conspiracy as “a conspiracy to launch worldwide chaos” and part of an Illuminati plan to “take over the world from a post in the American Heartland.”
Conspiracies regarding secret underground bases and fortresses being built and operated by the government, or in some cases, the Illuminati, themselves, have become more popular in the decade-plus since the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11/2001. One of the most discussed conspiracies of the last several years on the internet alleges that the Denver International Airport has a massive, underground complex built underneath it, as Jesse and the team explored in Episode #7 of Season One of Conspiracy Theory:  2012 Apocalypse.  Reports have also spread around internet conspiracy circles regarding FEMA camp installations being prepared to imprison U.S. citizens during some sort of Illuminati-initiated catastrophe intended to lower global population and re-organize society under a “New World Order.”  These scenarios also have been explored by Conspiracy Theory, in Episode #4 of Season Two:  Police State.
Jesse begins his investigation of the Ozarks conspiracy with a general sense of disbelief about any conspiracy tied to the mysterious Illuminati.  “When this one began I thought I already knew it all.  All those stories about the world being run by some secret, elite group- to me they were something that you could never come close to proving.  Then I got a call from Anthony Hilder.”  Anthony Hilder (whom Jesse refers to as a “Paul McCartney-looking guy”)has been making films about various conspiracy theories, mostly New World Order-related, for 30 years.   Hilder is here to tell Jesse that the Illuminati conspiracy is real, and that the threat it poses is real.  “They’re out Hitler-ing Hitler at the height of his hysteria,” says Hilder.  “The oligarchy of evil controls the world- the evilarchy.”  Jesse sounds his skepticism in a voice over-  “Right, the Illuminati- that secret organization that controls the world.”  The narrator describes the Illuminati as an organization that “controls the media, controls the currency, controls nations through wars, promotes inner city crime” etc.  “This plan isn’t down the road, it’s right here, right now,” says Hilder.  “What do you say to people who say you’re nuts, you’re crazy?”asks Jesse.  “Well, we say take a look at the facts,” says Hilder.  “They’re doing it now.  They’re underground.  It’s like a ship, and the ship is sinking.  They’re like rats.  They’re going to jump ship.  They’re going to the Ozarks,” explains Hilder.  “You’re telling me the Ozarks?  Where the hillbillies live?” says Jesse.  “That’s where they can be safest,” explains Hilder.
Jesse heads back to headquarters to meet with the rest of the team to discuss this week’s assignment.  “Why would anybody want to hide out there of all places?” wonders Jesse.  June explains that the Ozarks have a vast network of tunnels, a plentiful fresh water supply and food resources.  “This whole region is totallly Illumninati,” says team member and son of filmmaker Oliver Stone, Sean Stone.  “Wait a minute, Sean.  How do we know the Illuminati even exist?” asks Jesse.  “Because I’ve been contacted by them,” he says.  “We have contacts within it.  All this is very real,” he explains.   “Clearly we have to start doing our research.  Let’s get out there and learn what we can learn,“ states Jesse.  “You going to get any illuminati calls if we do that?”   “They call me, I don’t call them” Sean coolly explains.
Next, the team splits apart to collect information on the Ozarks conspiracy.  Tyrel Ventura, Jesse’s son, meets conspirazcy theorist Mark Dice in downtown Los Angeles to examine Illuminati symbolism at the Los Angeles Public Library.  The narrator describes Dice as an “author, activist, and well-known Illuminati foe.”  The public library contains symbols such as a pyramid and a torch of illumination that Dice are Illuminati-related.  “The Illluminati is the pinnacle of secret societies.  It’s the top level of secret societies. It’s an international mafia, essentially” explains Dice.  “These people who run the banking corporations are Illuminati. They run the media, they decide who’s gonna get elected, they’re powerful people.”  Tyrel asks Dice about the Ozarks, and Dice confirms that the area could be a secret base of Illuminati power.   “There’s a very strange compound that’s being built there.  I would call it a bunker.  It’s a fully off the grid, self sustaining massive compound. I think the sole purpose of it is to function as the new capital of the US or the world.” 
Meanwhile, Sean meets with Lisa Larue, an Ozarks Cherokee “privy to the secrets passed on for generations” according to the narrator.   “They go for thousands of miles.  They’ve been used for many, many years for lots of secret type of things,” she explains.   Lisa explains that there has been a lot of construction going on, and a lot of earthquakes and disturbances in the area.  “All I can tell you Sean is to very, very, careful.  It can be really dangerous.”
While Tyrel and Sean are out confirming that underground construction is moving at a furious pace, June Sarpong goes to an “Occupy” encampment to talk to Clyde Lewis, a radio broadcaster and conspiracy researcher with insight into the plans of the Illuminati.  “June, what you need to understand is that things are happening now and the clock is ticking now. They want to initiate us to a new empire.  You need to understand that they have this idea that, out of chaos, comes order- a new world order.”  Lewis believes that the rebellions around the world are orchestrated by the elite, including the Arab Spring revolutions and the Occupy Movement.   “Well, take a look around you.  The financial meltdown, the mortgage crisis, we have people right now occupying certain areas of the United States.  And what’s happening with that?  They’re getting people fired up.  That’s the plan- chaos and anarchy,” he explains.  “Where will the illuminati go when the doomsday scenario actually happens?” June asks.   “June, I believe they’re going to go underground.  And then, while they’re underground safe and sound, we’re going to turn on each other.”
Next, Jesse meets with conspiracy icon Alex Jones to get his view of the Ozarks conspiracy.  “Well, they’re pointing you in the right direction.  We’ve seen incredible Illuminati movements into that area.  Because they believe that it’s one of the safest areas in North America during a disaster.  They know something’s coming.  And we need to find out- are they getting ready for WW3?  That’s what must be looked into, Governor.”  Jesse finds this all hard to believe.   “Launching WW3, from a house in the woods? “ he wonders to himself, in a voice-over.    “That house- totally self-suficient, it’s got its own water supply, built to withstand a tornado or nuclear blast,” says Jesse, talking about the massive house being built in the Ozarks.   “From our research, what we’ve been able to determine is, it’s a private house that’s basically being developed as a front for a government operations center, an ops center.  But at the same time this is a model to build armored fortresses that just look like regular, mansion manors,” explains Alex.  Alex adds that the locals working on the “house” have signed non-disclosure agreements, and that a lot of high-end construction people all over the U.S. have told him that wealthy former government contractors, former CIA and former NSA people have been actively building and are getting ready for something big.
After their fact-finding missions are complete, Jesse reassembles the team at headquarters to discuss their findings and the nature of the enormous house being built in the Ozarks by a mysterious figure.  “It looks like a fortress more than a house,” says Sean.  Jesse then begins sharing details about the massive house that might be an Illuminati outpost.  The house is an incredible 72,000 square feet in area, bigger than both the White House (55,000 sq.ft.) and Bill Gates’ house (66,000 sq.ft.).  “This is bigger than Aaron Spelling’s mansion in Beverly Hills,” adds June.   “What’s going on underneath could connect to the tunnels and caves we’ve been talking about in the Ozarks,” says Sean.  June shares more of her research with the group, showing that several banks were being built in the area, with a ratio of 1 bank for every 53 people.  In comparison, New York City has 1 bank for every 7,000 people, and Los Angeles has 1 bank for every 11,000 people.  “In L.A., one bank for 11,000 people- in this tiny town, one bank for every 53 people.  53 people couldn’t even support a bank!” exclaims Jesse.  “Let’s head to the Ozarks people.”
Jesse and the crew hit the streets, and Jesse’s got a special mission in mind for Sean.  “Here’s the plan guys, I think you and I (Tyrel) should get all the background information we can get.  Learn what we can, officially.  Sean- I want you in and out of the shadows in this town,” instructs Jesse.  “If there’s strange stuff happening here, Sean will find it out for sure.”
Jesse and Tyrel go to the local newspaper to meet with Donna Osborn, a journalist for the Christian County Headliner that broke the story on the around the clock construction at the mysterious house being built in the Ozarks.  “Yes, quite unusual, indeed.   Generally, when we have a structure of that size, it will come up for planning and zoning,” says Osborn.  “I can’t even add a bathroom in my house without having to clear it through the planning commission,” complains Jesse.  “This guy must have some powerful friends to keep all that secret.”  Osborn explains that there has been some speculation that this single family home might be a government installation.  “That’s a hell of a single family home,” says Tyrel.  “Yeah, but who owns this place?  Somebody’s gotta be signing the bills,” says Jesse.
Osborn explains that her research has shown that the house in question is owned under Steven Huff, LLC from Leesberg,VA.  Steven Huff is the owner of Overwatch Systems, a defense contractor that develops, amongst other things, geo-spatial satellites possibly used as surveillance technology.  “This guy seems like the Blackwater of surveillance,” says Jesse.  “Well, I suspect that if the government wants to read the newspaper over our shoulders, the satellite technology might have been developed by somebody like Steven Huff,” says Osborn.   “So this has the potential to be even domestic spying,” observes Jesse.
The narrator then offers further background on Overwatch and Steven Huff.    “Overwatch:  the all-seeing eye.  Many conspiracy theorists have called the corporation an Illuminati tool, and they point to the eye in its the logo.  All seeing, all powerful, all knowing- a symbol of the Illuminati.”   Also, according to the narration, Huff is a billionaire and a software entrepreneur, but the mainstream media seems to ignore his early background- which began with a career in Army intelligence that led to becoming an officer in the CIA.  “I think next we gotta go out and get a view of this house,” says Jesse.  Though not discussed in episode, Huff has named his sprawling 72,000 sq.ft. estate “Pensmore.”
While Jesse and Tyrel walk to their car to go meet with a local sheriff who they hope will show them the Huff house, Sean runs up, excited.  “Whoa, whoa.  Sean, what the hell did you find?” asks Tyrel.  Sean points to the street sign and says “Look.”  “Look at what?” asks Jesse.  “The name,” says Sean.  “Break it down.”  “Ozark Main Street,” says Jesse, confused as to what point Sean is making.  “Oz… Ark… Ark of Oz, okay?” says Sean.  “That’s the name of the town,” says Jesse.   “No, Oz is an Illuminati name.  It’s the Wizard of Oz,” explains Sean.  “Ark of Oz? Either Sean got into a moonshine still, or he’s onto something.  This Illuminati has been out here a lot longer than anyone suspects,” says Jesse.
“It’s an Illuminati program.  Like Oz, Oswald…  you know, it’s like, it’s not a coincidence.  Like Osama Bin Laden…. Oz is always an indication of some kind an illuminati program operation.  I bet this guy White Rabbit, it’s another Alice in Wonderland, it’s another program that they used for mind control operations,” believes Sean.  “White rabbit?  Ark of Oz?  It all sounds crazy to me.  But this is why Sean is on the team.  I’ve got to let him go his way,” says Jesse.  “Okay- you check below ground, we’ll check above ground.”
After their meeting, Sean meets with the man who calls himself “White Rabbit.”  He’s described as a local who has been exploring the caves and tunnels,  keeping track of what tunnels and caves have been closed and tracking local construction, then the posting information on the internet.  He claims to keep his identity hidden for his own protection from the Illuminati.   Sean and White Rabbit walk around, exploring different caves and tunnels in the area.  White Rabbit points out a cave that’s been recently blocked off, and using a map locates Pensmore and describes a network of caves and tunnels underneath extensive enough to form underground cities.  “This is where the illuminati leaders can hide out from the WW3- they start,” says the narrator.    “A few years ago these (caves) were all open, now they’re closing them all out,” explains White Rabbit.
While Sean is out exploring caves, June is in Mountain View, Arkansas, described by the narrator as “the hillbilly town where all those bank are springing up… where many suspect the Illuminati is hoarding money for a post-apocalyptic world.”  To get the details, she meets with Freda Cruse, a local historian.   “Whether it’s a man-made armageddon, or whether it’s the end of times- something is going on,” explains Cruse.  Cruse details the influx of banks into the small town area, as well as the increase in earthquakes the area has seen in the last couple years.  “We’ve never had earthquakes before,” says Cruse.   “It’s just unbelieveable the amount of building that’s going on.  They’re basically turning their head to the fact that it’s causing earthquakes.”  According to statistics, Arkansas had 36 earthquakes in 2009, and 788 in 2011, representing over a 2000% increase.  According to the narrator, this would be like California getting more than 6 million quakes in one year.
Next, Jesse and Tyrel meet with Christian County Sheriff Joe Kyle, who they hope will take them on a tour of the Huff House and surrounding areas.  “I understand you’ve got a pretty interesting home they’ve got built here,” prods Jesse.  “Yeah, it’s a rather large house.  We call it ‘The Castle’,” says Kyle.  “It’s a huge building.  It’s more like a government building.”  “Did he just say government building?!  Like a headquarters for the New World Order after a big war?!” wonders Jesse, in a voice-over.
Back in the caves, Sean and White Rabbit continue to explore. “What have you found that the police are bugging you?  You said you’ve been arrested a few times,” asks Sean.  “There’s something in these places they don’t like me seeing or showing anybody,” says White Rabbit.  “I bet if we could get close enough to that huff house we could find caves leading right to it,” says Sean.   “Probably so,” says White Rabbit.  Then, Sean begins to hear noises, which kind of sound like people talking.  Sean gets scared, and then quickly moves along away from the sounds.  ”I think I heard something up there.  This is not good,” says Sean, ominously.
Jesse and Tyrel now head over to the Huff/Pensmore building site with Sheriff Joe Kyle.  “It’s a huge building,” he says.  “It’s more like a government building.”  “Did he just say government building?” Jesse says to himself.  Jesse hopes to get a closer, better view- but it might not be in the cards.  “From back here you really don’t get how back it is.  I bet up close it gets a lot larger,” says Jesse.  “Well, unfortunately, this is the best view you’re going to get of it right here,” says Kyle.  ”I’ve got news for this guy.  I don’t come all the way here for this.  We’re going up the road,” says Jesse.  “You’re going to put a governor face down in the dirt?” he jokingly asks Kyle.
Jesse then begins to question Kyle about the house.  “I hear this place goes underground, does it?” he asks.   “Well, I’m sure it has a basement,” responds Kyle.   “I’ve heard there’s tunnels and caves all around it.  Could this be connected?” asks Jesse.    “Well, there’s caves all over the dag gum state.  So it’s entirely possible anywhere in the state you could have an underground complex.”   “It sounds to me like they’re preparing for some type of disaster,” observes Jesse.  “Well, I mean, that’s the premise behind the building construction,” says Kyle.  “They’re planning for disaster, he just admitted it!”  exclaims Jesse in a voice-over.  Then Jesse laughingly adds, “What about the rest of us?” Kyle responds, “Well, I can’t answer that question.”
When Sheriff Kyle pulls up to the site, he gets out of the car and speaks to what seems like might be the site foreman.  After a brief conversation, Kyle gets back into the police car and begins to pull away, explaining the meeting has been cancelled and that they won’t be able to see more of the site.   “The only place we’re going is away.  Steven Huff, he’s not around. If he is, he’s hiding.  We’ll have to get a look at his place, from that other angle,” says Jesse.
Jesse and Tyrel return from the Huff/Pensmore site disappointed. “Where’s Crazy Sean right now?  There’s no telling where he is when I send him off.  That’s what I like about him,” says Jesse.   An excited Sean Stone arrives, fresh off his meeting with White Rabbit.  “Here he is.  What do you got man?” asks Jesse.  “I’ve found White Rabbit.  Just come with me,” says Sean.  “We’ve got to meet with White Rabbit, he’ll take us there.”    “We’re meeting the White Rabbit on the Wizards of Oz on an Ark, that’s what you’re telling me?” Jesse mockingly asks.  “I’m not saying anything, just wait and see for yourself,” assures Stone.  “I’m just having fun with you Sean, you’re bizarre enough,” jokes Jesse.  “We’re at Noah’s Ark, what do you want?” replies Sean.
Jesse, Tyrel, and Sean meet back up with White Rabbit, who says that he’ll show them what Huff is trying to hide- an underground city.  “So, what you’re saying, is this is like an entire city underground?”  asks Jesse.  “That’s really what it looks like,” says White Rabbit.  White Rabbit claims there are dozens of such cities underground.  “To your knowledge, what are they used for?  Why underground and why a dozen?” asks Jesse.   “Some place you’d survive the end of the world,” suggests White Rabbit.  “We tried the high road, now we’re taking the low road.  We’re gonna try and infiltrate this fortress from below,” says Jesse.
“To an underground hideout. This may be the Illuminati’s last stand- a sprawling, multi-million square foot bunker… tailor-made protection from an Armageddon of their own creation,” says the narrator.  “At any moment the team could be stopped by armed security guards.”  “I say we keep moving,” says Jesse.”  Tyrel waits for his moment and drives inside.  I make sure we’ve got have cameras rolling.  This place isn’t only the largest underground facility in the area, they say it’s the largest in the world.  Look at this- they’ve got room for 2 lanes of 18-wheelers.  The road literally goes on for miles.  Look, there- it’s branching off again.  Who knows where that leads?  Maybe even to the Huff House.”
Jesse observes that the complex seems to be hooked up to the railroad system too.  “This facility covers 50 square miles, all underground, all climate controlled, they’ve got warehouses for food, data, all sorts of things, offices, manufacturing, even underground farming and stockpiles of crude oil.  Oh yeah, there’s plenty of space to live in.  You can fit thousands of people here- if you want to save that many.”    “I never knew places like this existed in the world.  You could store anything down here,” says Tyrel.    “This is huge.  This is an underground city.  And there are dozens of these across the region?   This is starting to look a lot like conspiracy fact,” states Jesse.
“That definitely answers the question, of “why here?  Because you don’t have type of round and rock work generally anywhere else in the country,” Jesse points out.  Jesse also points out a parking lot full of buses and green energy vehicles he believes are being reserved for the Illuminati.  “It’s like they’ve got door to door transportation for the chosen few when it’s time to move inside and weld those doors shut.  I don’t necessarily think it’d be a good place to live, but it would be a good place to survive,” affirms Jesse.
Before Jesse’s final thought, the narrator sums up the team’s findings.  “For Jesse, the conspiracy falls into place.  Who would think that worldwide rebellion against the 1 percent would actually be part of a plan orchestrated by the .1 percent?  And now, emerging from the underground, it all makes sense- a vast, hidden shelter beneath a hill-top command post. What’s going on here is setting the stage for the Ozarks to take its place as the center, not only of the United States, but of the world… the New World Order.”
Then, Jesse puts what they’ve found into his own words.  “If I hadn’t seen all this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.   A self-sufficient, nuke-proof fortress.  That ain’t no dream house.  It’s a nightmare house.   And that underground city just waiting to be populated?  That’s no theory.  The facts are that the rich and powerful are always going to try to pull the strings.  And they’re gonna try to stay a step ahead of the rest of us.   It’s up to you and me to watch out for ourselves. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.  It’s a long way down that rabbit hole.  I’m Jesse Ventura, and this is Conspiracy Theory.

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