Curtain Call for “The United Kingdom”?

By Marcus Brooks

Curtain Call for “The United Kingdom”?. For those of you that want to contemplate about the possibility of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, please read on. In my humble opinion  Scottish independence is a wretched idea riddled with inconsistencies and ironies. The expression used often in Britain is,”Britain is falling apart”. I can confirm this literally true, almost like a self fulfilling prophecy.

The leadership in the Scottish Parliament is determined to break away. The SNP have the advantage, whatever David Cameron might say or do in London. Give the SNP four more years of plotting and scheming in Edinburgh and the Union will have disintegrated. Lets start with the most obvious paradox. Scottish identity is fundamentally an ethnic affiliation. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, now professes to be a multicultural and multi-ethnic state. Is it not strange that this modern reinvention of British identity was unable to purge itself of its oldest ethnic division? One would have hoped that multicultural Britain was made of sterner stuff.  If the Scots and English can’t live together, one wonders about the prospect for peace among more recent ethnic arrivals. Lets take for example Southall situated on the outskirts of West London, now just suppose the Asian community decided to break away from the United Kingdom? Here’s another rhetorical question. Suppose the good people of Bradford or Liverpool wanted self-determination and voted to leave the United Kingdom. If it is good enough for Scotland, is it not also good enough for other regions of Britain too? In principle, is there any reason why the Island could not be a conglomeration of city states?

I wonder how Britain’s armed forces would be split? Alex Salmond the current First Minister of Scotland can’t be this dumb or is he  just having a blonde moment?

The Scottish National Party might harbour the illusion that separation will be amicable. Certainly, it will be peaceful. I don’t think the people of England want to hold Scotland in the Union against its will. But once they are gone, that is it, they are on their own. There will be no bailouts from London. There will be no special relationship with Edinburgh. Objectively, Scottish independence makes no sense whatever after all even Alex Salmond concurs that keeping the British Pound would be a sensible idea. England and Scotland have lived together peacefully for over 300 years. Both countries have prospered in the Union. Geographically, Britain is a small island. It is united, linguistically, culturally, and historically.

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