Turkey: Son Stabs Father In Busy Market


TURKEY-According to the information received from the event, 15 days ago

İskenderpaşa Quarter, Imam Murat Street took place. U. Ahmed lives with his mother learned (20), the father who abandoned him as a child Salih yet Akkoyun (47) met with. Drinking tea and chatting for a while, father and son, then began to argue. In the meantime, the father Salih Akkoyun, tea Taking wanted to get away from the quarry. Followed by his father, Ahmet U., Imam Murat was attacked on the street. U. Ahmed quietly approaching from behind his father, started downloading a knife strokes. Akkoyun Saleh, who hit the back of his neck and the knife fell to the ground strokes, Ahmet U. ‘s did not end with that anger. Aggressive son with remarkable composure, where his father kicked the dying.

Fatih Public Security Bureau teams after the incident, Ahmet U. ‘t that the house caught kıskıvrak. Sent to the court of the defendant, was arrested and sent to prison.

MURDER ANI, the security camera

Ahmet U. ‘s cold-blooded murder of his own father, displayed every two seconds by the security camera. Walking on the street approaching from behind his father, Ahmet U. images at a time, starting downloading knife strokes. The unfortunate man, even without knowing what it is amassing. After a while, his father Ahmet U. approaching him again, this time to kick in and attacked with fists. Ahmet U. used in a crime scene after the attack by throwing away the knife down. Inhabitants of the area of the event is going to surprise him with the man lying on the ground. Citizens calling police and ambulance to the scene.

What the fuck is wrong with these bystanders? This video infuriates me. Not only did everyone let the guy walk off, they even left the victim on the ground to die. Not even trying to apply pressure on the wound with a piece of clothing, or even calling the medics immediately.

A few facts from the video:
1) Son is a piece of shit
2) People in the area don’t give a shit
4) Google Translation from Turkish to English is dah SHIT. “U. Ahmed quietly approaching from behind his father, started downloading a knife strokes.” –

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