The Sad Truth about the Death of Ian Tomlinson

Image showing Ian Tomlinson collapsed dead with multiple tattoos on him:…

This image was easily found by typing “Ian Tomlinson tattoo” into Google Images.

The levels of irrational and hysterical abuse sent my way by people saying I was lying about tattoos is incredible. As is the case with these haters, they don’t even bother to check up the facts before they shower someone with hatred.

It’s increasingly obvious to those who have a critical mind and the ability to reason that the “truth movement” is nothing other than a religious den of hysteria and logical fallacies coupled with a permanent “woe-is-me” perma-victimhood.

I do actually love how impish and anonymous (not brave enough to show identity nor face) idiots increase my google adsense revenue by revisiting the videos and WARNING THE WORLD AGAINST THE DEVIL THAT IS CHARLES VEITCH.

Idiots, the whole lot of them.

For reference, here are some of the Herp Derp Hate Videos RE: Veitch/Tomlinson…

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