Russia never changed position on Syria – Foreign Ministry

Protect your wealth and escape to Dubai

A message from Marcus Brooks to the Russian Government

According to Russia Today,

Russia has not changed its position on the crisis in Syria and the latest comments by the US State Department are a misinterpretation of the facts, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said during a media briefing in Moscow.Lukashevich noted that the US State Department has been excessively enthusiastic about Russia “finally waking up and changing its position [on Syria].”

In my humble opinion  Russia behaves like a conflicted school girl on her first date. Of course the West will have its way with Moscow when all you can expect from Russia is mixed signals and no resolve. It’s basically analogous to voting ‘present.’ Message to Putin & Medvedev from Ealing West London: TAKE A STAND, WHATEVER IT IS. Doing nothing while NATO redefines the Middle East can NOT possibly be in Russia’s interest. What did the West promise you for acquiescence? These days governments don’t even pretend to not behave like organised gangs. Governments are just the puppets of organised finance, aka international banksterdom. The world order is based on organised criminal theft wrapped in subterfuge and lies. Praise peanut butter and salmonella!

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