Russian Billionaire Boris Berezovsky is dead


By Marcus Brooks

The London exiled tycoon was found today dead at his home in Surrey. The circumstances surrounding the death of the 67-year-old is still unclear, however he was a wanted man in Russia, and a vocal opponent of President Vladimir Putin .

Boris  had made his millions in the 1990s selling imported Mercedes as well as Russian-made cars to the new elite.

Later made billions by owning shares in Sibneft and becoming a primary shareholder in Russia’s main television channel, he supported Boris Yeltsin’s rise to power.

Boris survived number of assassination attempts, including a car bomb that decapitated his chauffeur.

During the later years of Yeltsin’s presidency, Mr Berezovsky was part of the leader’s inner circle as deputy secretary of Russia’s security council.

“Boris Berezovsky was one of the most powerful men in Russia back in the 1990s,” according to the BBC’s Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg.

“He rose from being a mathematician, a computer programmer and a used car salesman, to being such an influential figure in Boris Yeltsin’s Russia.”

As the world now knows, Mr Litvinenko was subsequently murdered after his cup of tea was poisoned with radioactive polonium in a London hotel, triggering the current diplomatic stand-off between Britain and Russia.

If, as some suspect, this assassination was meant to send a warning signal to Mr Berezovsky to halt his political rabble-rousing against the Kremlin, then it has had precisely the opposite effect. His pronouncements have become increasingly shrill.

He told a British newspaper once upon a time, that he wanted to remove Russia’s rulers “by force” – infuriating the British government. During a debate at London’s Frontline club, Boris kept Russia-watchers, journalists, spooks and fellow-emigres transfixed with his demolition of his native country’s lethal mix of business and political power, enforced by secret police tactics.


Anyway RIP Boris.

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