I told you so. Brace yourself for the next banking crash, only this time it will be 100% worse than the 2008 crash.

By Marcus Brooks

In January 2012, I predicated that there was going to be a bank holiday within the eurozone and that this crisis was far from over and that it was better to have the bulk of paper fiat currency converted into precious metals such as silver.

The fact is that once you deposit money into the global banking system you are at their mercy. Throughout history governments have imposed capital controls and taxes without warning. History has a habit of repeating itself for better or worse.

Today, given the high deficits in Europe and the United States, the potential onslaught of inflation from quantitative easing, the unstable state of politics, and the fact there are no known major stockpiles of silver anywhere in the world, prices have no reason to go anywhere but back up to $50, and beyond. According to billionaire investor Jim Rodgers that there is a 100% Chance of Crisis, worse than 2008.

By owning silver bullion, you’re best set to preserve your wealth above inflation and outside the banking system.

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is the purest – 99.99% – silver coin available on the market.

However, the American Silver Eagle is actually the most trusted, known and liquid silver bullion coin in the world.

This youtube video of me uploaded in January 2012 clearly gives out out a warning about a European wide banking crisis.

Here’s my little boy Kieran aged 6 years old talking about his silver coin

Kieran aged 5 years old (My little silver bug)

The choice should be rather obvious to you. You can believe that the banks and governments have the working class person’s best interests at heart. Or, if not, if you have to hesitate and think about that for even a couple of seconds, then maybe you’re just a ‘closet silver bug’ and too scared to admit it!

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