Taiwanese Man Tries to Smuggle Gold Plated Babies from Thailand

By Marcus Brooks

A British citizen has been arrested in the Thai capital Bangkok after six foetuses were discovered stuffed into travel cases.

Hok Kuen Chow, 28, a Briton born in Hong Kong of Taiwanese nationals, was held in the city’s Yaowarat area after police received an anonymous tip off .

The suspect was  trying to smuggle the foetuses – aged from two to seven months – in Taiwan to sell to rich clients online.

Hok Kuen Chow reportedly paid 200,000 Thai Bath (approximately $6,600 US) for all six fetuses he tried to smuggle. His intent was to sell it to wealthy clients in Taiwan who believe the fetuses bring good fortune.

Chow has reportedly admitted buying the bodies, which had been roasted dry and painted in gold leaf, for 200,000 baht  appox £4,485.07 GBP

Thai authorities reported that the fetuses underwent a macabre process known as  “Kuman Thong” – A black magic practise in Thailand involving grisly surgical removal of a fetus from their mother’s womb before being subjected to a ceremonial ritual. After the ritual, the bodies were roasted dry and covered with lacquer before being plated with gold leaf. The fetuses were reportedly offered to clients online, through a website advertising black magic services.Back in Taiwan he could have sold them for six times that amount to rich clients who believe the foetuses will bring them good fortune. ‘The bodies are between the ages of two and seven months,’ said Wiwat Kumchumnan, of the police’s children and women protection unit.

If found guilty, Hok Kuen Chow will face 1 year in prison and a fine of 2,000 Baht that around £40.00. I certainly will not be looking at gold in the same way any more.

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