After the Rape of Libya & the Murder of Gaddafi, and the proxy war in Syria, what’s next?

News Wire 24

By Marcus Brooks NEWS WIRE 24

Dear Readers,
Let me cast your minds to when the mainstream media televised Gaddafi’s capture and execution on October 20th 2011, Hillary Clinton and rest of the puppet political elite jumped for joy, this man was not allowed a fair trial. However when Osama Bin Ladin was killed, the US. Govt and mainstream media censored all the photographs and film footage relating to his capture and execution. So why the double standards? The NATO led intervention is aimed at seizing the North African country’s huge oil and gold reserves.

Sasha Baron Cohen explains  it in a nutshell in his movie, The Dictator:

Baa Humbug, I don’t believe a single word of the political elite talking about human rights, if the Western Powers were truly interested in human rights they would not prop up disgraceful regimes like Saudi Arabia nor tolerate Bahrain’s treatment of it’s citizens…

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