China To Unleash The Worst Nightmare For The US

Ing: “Washington kicking the can down the road doesn’t solve the debt problem. Apparently this process has been so fun they are going to do it all over again, and the markets are getting pretty jaundiced about it. But standing back, the fact is that the US debt is still escalating….

“The US dollar remains weak at just over 80. It did not rally on today’s news. Meanwhile, in the gold market we have an option expiry on October 28th, and we know what usually happens ahead of those, especially given the dramatic drawdown in inventories on the Comex. But my expectation is that we have seen the lows in both gold and silver. I still feel quite confident of that.”

Eric King: “Amazingly, the last time we spoke you predicted that gold could have a $25 dip at the most, and then gold would bounce back, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen so far. What do you expect from here?”

John Ing continues @

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