From Russia with love

The Obama administration was able to scrape up against the government’s debt ceiling for five months this year before it came to the brink of default and with global concerns of default in Washington in February 2014  and the potential for falling oil prices, Russia is shaping up as a surprisingly reliable ally for the U.S.

It seems to be pointing to the disorder inherent in the Russian national character, but in fact, it saved Russia’s inhabitants from groundless anxiety on numerous occasions.

The budget debt and the approaching debt crisis in the U.S.

default repeated for the second time in two years, combined with the inability of approving the budget due to inter-party squabbles, sent a perfectly clear message to foreign political elites: the U.S.

Both the Indonesian and the Brunei summits, which turned to triumph for the Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Obama’s absence, is unlikely to have improved Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mood, despite the fact that he celebrated his birthday on the island of Bali.

Traditionally, the Russian authorities have never missed an opportunity to accuse the United States of a variety of sins, but this time the tone of the Russian comments was overwhelmingly respectful and even somewhat apologetic.

In this sense, the Kremlin is no less interested than the White House in the speedy resolution of the budget and the debt crisis and a return to the status quo: U.S.

A week after the start of the budget confrontation in the U.S., China’s Ministry of Finance issued a pretty tough warning to the U.S.

authorities, with the requirement to resolve their internal problems and prevent any damage to Chinese investment in the U.S.

However, no public warnings from the Russian authorities against the United States have been reported yet.

However, in the case of a successful outcome for the Democratic Party (it is, after all, most likely), the American president will be able to add every ultimatum attack from Speaker Boehner and other Republican leaders to his stock of political capital.

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