Fighting Starts in Lebanon: US, and Saudi-armed terrorists destabilizing Syria now under fire in Lebanon

Author and Mideast expert Saeb Shaath has accused Saudi Arabia for the spread of violence and bloodshed in the Middle East, stating that the Al Saud regime is resorting to such a policy in order to please its masters.

In a newly-revealed 2009 secret US cable about Iraq’s relationship with its neighbors, former US Ambassador to Baghdad Christopher Hill had said Saudi Arabia funds al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq.

The forces recruited for this effort would come from the ranks of the CIA-created “Arab foreign legion,” Al Qaeda itself extremist groups fresh back from fighting US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, including listed terror organizations like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) from Libya.

Far from genuine sectarian violence, it was planned since 2007, to use terrorist proxies in a battle stretching from Lebanon to Iran with Arab nations from North Africa to the Middle East aiding the effort, dominated by freshly installed US proxies (Tunisia & Libya ) and the Muslim Brotherhood, stated in Hersh’s 2007 article to be wards of the West.

While being depicted as violence “spilling over” from Syria, it is clear that the violence is indigenous, sectarian in nature, and directly related to the larger conflict envisioned by US-Israeli-Saudi machinations in 2007 pitting Sunnis against Shi’ia.

An editorial from NOW Lebanon reveals the “sectarian” nature of the violence in Lebanon and how both sides identify as either supporters or opponents of the neighboring Syrian government.

This prevailing “sectarian” aspect reveals what has been stated by geopolitical analysts since the beginning of unrest in Syria that the violence was driven not by “pro-democratic” aspirations, but by sectarian violence exploited for the sole purpose of advancing the agenda of foreign meddlers sectarian violence that has now manifested itself in attacks on Christians , Druze, and Alawites, as well as moderate Sunnis across Syria in the midst of this so-called “democratic revolution.” The violence may ebb, as it has in the past, but with the Syrian unrest reaching a critical point and foreign powers desperate to change momentum that’s been working against them, foreign-backed terrorist forces could try to ignite a wider sectarian battle in Lebanon.

I think George Galloway explains the Syrian crisis rather quite eloquently in the video below.

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