Red alert to all Sprint mobile customers: mysterious phone calls from 865-6696 could install NSA surveillance code on your iPhone

All across America, people who have Sprint service on their iPhones and other mobile devices are receiving repeated calls from the number “865-6696” without any area code.
Some people on the message boards have incorrectly assumed these calls must be from telemarketers, but if that were the case, it wouldn’t be limited to just iPhone users, as telemarketers have no way to know what hardware device exists at their target phone numbers.

Furthermore, even after blocking this number, people continue to receive calls from it, confirming that these calls are exempted from call blocking.

The calls are clearly being placed by an organization that knows who owns iPhones and wishes to get them to answer their phones.

A mate of mine somewhat of geek  told me that this has been going on for over a year and that he believes the phone calls are a vector by which the NSA can install surveillance code onto iPhone devices but only if you answer the phone.

The code is carried with the call, I was told, as a parallel digital stream encoded into the call data itself, in much the same way that secret messages can be encoded into JPEG images.

The purpose of this digital payload, I was told, is not known, but it may be Trojan Horse code that attaches “bread crumbs” to your phone calls that allow the NSA to more easily locate, track and archive your phone calls, text messages and mobile web surfing activity.

None of these hacks are digital payload hacks installed using phone calls, of course, but they clearly demonstrate the vulnerabilities or back doors built into the iPhone operating system (iOS).

If all this is true, it begs the question of why people would be receiving repeated calls from the 865-6696 phone number.

He answered that surveillance programs ARE installed at the factory, and that “all iPhones already ship with surveillance code installed,” but that older phones such as the iPhone 4 did not have the most up-to-date surveillance code installed and so needed to be remotely updated with the new code via the “digital payload.

So if you don’t recognize who’s calling you, don’t answer the call.

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