Newsnight: Russell Brand talks revolution with Jeremy Paxman

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of watching Russel Brand on  News Night (BBC’s) current affairs programme. I got say, I was totally flabbergasted in positive manner in the way Russel handled himself. For those of you, who are unfamiliar, Jeremy Paxman (that’s chap that’s interviewing Russel Brand) is a formidable figure when it comes to asking his guests hard hitting questions, in fact many of our M.P’s fear him. However this time it was different, Russel was passionate and spoke the truth with vigour and belief that I have yet to see from any British politician (not including George Galloway or Nigel Farage).

In Britain we have a strong system of providing social welfare, which includes health care to all. And ever since the financial collapse of 2008 has been under attack by the Tory party. Russel was absolutely right when he stated that whilst the financial crisis was engineered by the wealthy elite it’s the poor working class that has been to suffer. Lets be honest we are living in a time of crony capitalism which wants to create a new type of serfdom system, it was not long ago that we had the Victorian work houses.

Anyway watch the above interview.

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