A new false flag for Assad’s Biological Weapons

images (1)In addition, back in September, an article entitled “Assad’s Biological Weapons Absent From US-Russia Deal,” appeared in the Times of Israel which attempted to argue that the chemical weapons agreement was insufficient due to the fact it only dealt with Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile not it’s biological weapons, thus endangering Israel and other American interests in the region.

Indeed, considering the track record of both the Israelis and West in regards to the Syrian crisis, the most important question is whether or not we are witnessing the beginnings of yet another pro-war propaganda campaign designed to stampede the world into a conflict with Syria or even if the new accusations are the precursor to yet another false flag operation to take place inside the country with the blame being placed on Assad yet again.Of course, the jury is still out regarding whether or not Syria even has biological weapons.

Similar to many of the catcalls of hysteria circulating throughout the media during the chemical weapons fiasco, claims are now being made that Assad’s alleged biological weapons are in danger of falling into the hands of al-Qaeda, thus posing a danger to the rest of the civilized world.Currently, many warnings regarding the alleged biological weapons stockpiles are coming from the British organization, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS).

HJS claims that there is a “clear and present danger” of biological weapons falling into the hands of al-Qaeda and that “Jihadists are actively seeking to gain control of the regime’s biological weapons’ stockpile.” “Unlike chemical weapons, maintained in military designated stockpiles which are generally identifiable and which Assad maintains command and control over, the structure of Syria’s biological warfare programs are latent, compartmentalized and spread across its remaining bio-pharmaceutical infrastructure.

It points to the widespread looting of bio-pharmasuitical laboratories throughout the country, and cites a “credible eyewitness” as claiming to have personally witnessed “a looted pharmaceutical laboratory,” near Aleppo, where Syria’s biological weapons program is concentrated, “which was probably a cover for a biological weapons production site.” Logically, several points come to mind after reading the above statements.First, if the production process of biological weapons is “indistinguishable from benign biological lab processes,” how then are the observers such as HJS so sure that the facilities which they claim are biological weapons facilities are not, in actuality, nothing more than bio-pharmaceutical facilities.

Second, as the Israel National News article reports, the publicly-stated reason for concern over the Syrian biological weapons program revolves largely around the potential for such weapons to come into the possession of jihadists, al-Qaeda, and other fanatics currently fighting against the Assad government.

If anyone is to be blamed for terrorists and terrorist organizations coming into the possession of biological weapons, it is the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the coterie of terrorist supporters who have trained, funded, organized, and directed death squad operations in Syria in earnest since 2011 and as far back as 2005.

Indeed, it is important to remember the constant barrage of propaganda surrounding the ridiculous red line of chemical weapons usage by President Barack Obama and Skull and Bones John Kerry shortly before chemical weapons attacks conveniently began occurring in Syria, each time growing in intensity and each time being proven to have been the work of the death squads and not the Syrian government.

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