Craigslist now advertising food stamps for cash


The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP – better known as food stamps – is the fastest growing federal entitlement program, and one of the most abused.

Since 2000, the program has exploded – it has grown from 17 million Americans to more than 48 million, due largely to the Obama administration’s relaxing of qualification standards – so much so that a sizable percentage of those now receiving food stamps are not “poor,” by the government’s own definition.

As we’ve reported here at Natural News, a number of business owners have been caught in scams where they pay a reduced cash value for a recipient’s EBT card balance (food stamps have been replaced by a slick debit-style card called Electronic Benefits Transfer) and pocket the difference.

As reported by Fox News, many food stamp beneficiaries are now bypassing scumbag quick-stop retailers and are selling their welfare online, on Craigslist: According to the Fox News report, people who are legitimately hungry and desperate are hitting up Craigslist looking for deals on food stamps.

According to Craigslist policy, food stamp coupons are among items that are not supposed to be transferred, sold or bartered on the site.

Critics of the government benefits program say that those who are selling their food stamps most likely don’t need them anymore because they’ve found work but are still collecting taxpayer-supported handouts, or that perhaps they merely want to exchange them for cash so they can either buy drugs or other items which cannot be purchased with EBT cards.

“To reduce this type of fraud, states should be required to cross-check the food stamp rolls against the National Directory of New Hires.

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