Curtain Call for “The United Kingdom”?

News Wire 24

By Marcus Brooks

Curtain Call for “The United Kingdom”?. For those of you that want to contemplate about the possibility of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, please read on. In my humble opinion  Scottish independence is a wretched idea riddled with inconsistencies and ironies. The expression used often in Britain is,”Britain is falling apart”. I can confirm this literally true, almost like a self fulfilling prophecy.

The leadership in the Scottish Parliament is determined to break away. The SNP have the advantage, whatever David Cameron might say or do in London. Give the SNP four more years of plotting and scheming in Edinburgh and the Union will have disintegrated. Lets start with the most obvious paradox. Scottish identity is fundamentally an ethnic affiliation. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, now professes to be a multicultural and multi-ethnic state. Is it not strange that this modern reinvention of British identity was unable to…

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