What’s wrong with Ukraine?

By Marcus Brooks


Let’s exercise some imagination a little bit: let’s imagine the Irish overthrew legitimately elected government and the new guys want to form economic and military alliance with, let’s say, China. How long, do you think it would take before British military shows up in Dublin? For God sake if a Chinese company wanted to buy a stake in a British arms manufacturing company that would become a question of national security for the UK, yet THE E.U. expects Russia to quietly watch NATO take over their military bases in Ukraine? Double standards have been policy of the west for long time; we’ll see how it will end this time around.

Secondly reading into Ukraine’s previous elections would make you realise that the 2004 election had to be rerun, after Yanukovych’s ‘victory’ was met with allegations that he had rigged the election – many accusations were from international observers – and Yanukovych then lost the election. Yanukovych has also always been pro-Russian; part of his 2004 manifesto included making Russian the official language of Ukraine, the Russian discount on gas isn’t what brought his allegiance. Talking of buying things; have you seen his house? Search for pictures of it on google, it’s unbelievably big and is decked out with an unending stream of decadence. The man was obviously funnelling the tax payer’s money to build himself his own private wonderland, while the rest of the country sits in squalor. He’s a corrupt, vile, despicable excuse of a man- and Russia would be more than happy to plonk him back into power. No matter whether they choose the EU, Russia or decide to go it alone, Ukraine deserves a fair government which puts the need of the people before its own ministers.

Most Ukrainians are blissfully unaware that EU debt is 90% of GDP. This is the EU that Ukraine protesters want to inflict on their country. UKRAINE debt stands at only 36% of GDP, lower than the EU. Russian debt is only 8% of GDP, the lowest in the world. USA is 104% of GDP. Beware, if you are a country that does not have enough debt, the banksters will get their tax payer funded  military organisation NATO, to attack you and force a regime change to one that BORROWS like crazy.

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