Gold and silver prices surge ahead as China and Ukraine crisis threatens global stability


Gold and silver have risen to their highest levels this year on news of a sudden stop in lending by the $8 trillion Chinese shadow banking system and the mounting geopolitical tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine, and perhaps also taking into consideration Ukrainian gold reserves being loaded on an unidentified transport aircraft in Kiev’s Borispol airport and flown to Uncle Sam’s vault. Traders also cited a flight to safe haven assets due to a rise in risk insurance against a possible collapse  of the Chinese financial system and possible Russian economic sanctions  being imposed on the  European Union, perhaps that means Russians cutting of gas supplies to Western Europe?

US stock markets hit a new high last week but have fallen back this week on renewed worries about the Ukraine and now the bad news on trade and loans coming out of China.

Once again Just imagine how hard the price will surge  once China announces how much Gold their holding in April. They have been buying up every ounce they can and hoarding all their domestic gold from their mines. At least they tell people the truth that gold is money, unlike the US. Shifting from paper money  into gold at  low prices is a great opportunity to get out of a weak economy and into hard assets. The rest-of-the-world will surely regret the day that it fell in love with stocks instead.

In the name of the silver and gold Amen!

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