Putin’s 2-move checkmate in Crimea!


By Marcus Brooks

According to an article published in privetsochi.ru Putin has brilliantly out smarted the US and Europeans in a couple of days and has earned Russia more than 20 billion dollars and has also managed to get an extra 30% stake within the lucrative Russian energy sector.

20140117_hus_0This is a story that the three monkeys at the BBC, CNN and Fox News will never tell you folks.

Yes Sir! Putin has financially screwed EU and America. In the eyes of the entire world he played this geo-political game without a hitch.

You see, some shares of Russian energy companies up until recently used to be owned by foreign investors predominantly Americans and Europeans, that’s before Putin gave the order to buy shares of these companies at their lowest. So in layman terms this now means that almost half of the revenues from the oil and gas industry will go into the coffers of Russia, and not into the accounts of “financial sharks” of Europe.

The story begins

This story starts with the current situation in Crimea, when the ruble started to fall sharply, and the Russian central bank did absolutely nothing to support it, of course rumours started that Russia simply did not have a reserve currency to maintain the ruble. These rumours along with Putin’s statement that he was  ready and would protect the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine led to a large drop in the share price of energy companies in Russia, as expected the “financial sharks” began to sell their shares. And sure enough the great strategist Putin waited all week and just smiled at the various press conferences (trying not to give away his plan I bet) and when the price fell below the plinth he then ordered his officials into buying shares at rock bottom prices. Of course by the time  the European and American investors realised that they had been duped it was too late, the  stocks were already in the hands of the  Russians. This brilliant operation has to be the first in stock market history PUTIN BRAVO!

Charts: Bloomberg


So I reckon the euro will fall by 30% and the price of petrol and diesel will rise, and you can bet that the City of London will not support sanctions against Russia, because if they do, our European economies will feel the full brunt of the angry Russian bear! I don’t suppose the Yanks will bail out the E.U?

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7 replies

  1. Gotta love Putin,smart move for a smart man,lol

  2. check ……..Bye the way we now accept payment for oil in Euros and ……. Mate

  3. Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling on rebels in eastern Ukraine to stop advancing, is akin to General Eisenhower asking General Patton to stop advancing.

  4. I mostly agree with what you write, including the importance of demographic decline, which is also relevant to C, R, the well off communities of I, and likely the well off communities of B too. The challenges that face the West are not much different from those facing BRIC, and it is better they work together rather than fighting over non-issues that are driving the Ukrainian conflict http://tinyurl.com/mwno26p

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