Israeli military Is Bombing Gaza Back to the Stone Age to Get Hamas … However ISIS & NOT HAMAS – Claims Credit for Attacks Against Israel


While Israel claims that Hamas was behind the murder of 3 Israeli boys which started this military intervention (and subsequent rocket attacks from Hamas), the Times of Israel reported last week: A new Palestinian jihadist group pledging allegiance to the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIL) [or “ISIS”] has claimed responsibility for the killing of three Israeli teenagers last month in the West Bank, as well as other recent deadly attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.
Given that countries all over the world including Israel and Muslim countries have admitted to carrying out false flag attacks, we should carefully investigate who was responsible before cheering on a new Arab-Israeli war.

They need the support of the world right now, and neither HAMAS or FATAH is going to carry out an act that would wreck the very public support they need.

And the Jewish Daily Forward notes that if rogue Hamas members did carry out the murders it was not with the permission or knowledge of Hamas leadership: In the flood of angry words that poured out of Israel and Gaza during a week of spiraling violence, few statements were more blunt, or more telling, than this throwaway line by the chief spokesman of the Israeli military, Brigadier General Moti Almoz, speaking July 8 on Army Radio’s morning show: “We have been instructed by the political echelon to hit Hamas hard.”

Israeli governments’ attempts to date to ‘discourage’ Palestinian perpetrators of attacks, kidnappings and rocket firings have proved their bankruptcy.

During the first Palestinian intifada, 1987-93, the Israeli government tried to strengthen the right-wing Islamist party Hamas to counter the secular Palestinian organisations that were demanding an end to the occupation.

Now, the government is at war on Hamas, causing unimaginable distress and bereavement on Palestinians in Gaza in particular, and is laying the ground for the growth of new reactionary organisations, including al-Qai’da-type groups.

However, reflecting a strongly opposing view and worry among the Israeli elite has been former Shin Bet (Israeli security service) chief Yuval Diskin, who in a Facebook posting last Friday blamed the government for “the rapid deterioration in the security situation” and attacked “the illusion that everything can be solved with a little more force; the illusion that the Palestinians will just accept all that we are doing in the West Bank and not respond, despite their rage, frustration and worsening economic situation; the illusion that the international community will not impose sanctions on us; that Israel’s frustrated Arab citizens will not ultimately take to the streets over the lack of handling of their problems; and the Israeli public will keep submissively accepting the government’s incompetent response to the social gaps that its policies have only worsened, when corruption continues to eat away at all that is good, and so on and so on.” Desperate acts of vandalism and nationalist attacks on civilians by a small minority of protesters will not help to bring about a change in government policy and improvements for young Palestinians.

However, the scale of the Palestinian protests in Israel sheds light not only on the frustration and distress but also on the potential for a wider struggle against the big business and settler-serving government, against attacks on Palestinians and against the occupation.

This struggle requires the building of a democratically organised larger protest movement of Jews and Arabs, with a programme and actions to seriously challenge the Israeli government and far right.

Establishment of action committees in the communities where demonstrations are taking place could help to organise bold steps to further the struggle, including democratically-run self-defence against state repression, and preventing protests descending into self-defeating rioting and nationalist physical attacks.


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