Russian news reports that passengers on board flight MH 17 were already dead prior to missile impact.



According to Russian separatist leader Igor Strielkov in recent interview with Russian Spring news, he claims all passengers were dead already prior to the missile strike on the plane, according to him only the pilots were alive before  the aircraft was blown out of the sky, secondly he assumes it was some kind medical plane with dead bodies that were at least several days old. Thirdly, the plane was discovered with a large quantity of drugs, blood serum and other things, which is not typical for conventional airliner.

If this is true, then there is a lot more to this tragic event.

Anyway below is the Google translation from

Gunmen Igor answered questions on the fall of the Malaysian Boeing.


There is a version that the civilian plane was shot down by the Su-27.


“Information such is. But I still did not understand the situation until the end. Therefore, this version (like all others) is not the voice. “


“According to the people who collected the bodies, most of corpses -” stale “- people have died and several days ago. For complete accuracy of this information can not vouch – of course, you need forensic conclusion. “


– Someone else should fly a plane, leave that including it would be impossible. Version with a plane full of corpses, exciting, of course, but somehow can not see sense.


“First of all, not all people on the plane were dead before the fall.


Secondly, the plane was discovered a large quantity of drugs, blood serum and other things, which is not typical for conventional liner. It seems that there was a medical special-load.


Third, no not insist on anything (yet). Literally just now talked to two people personally collected the bodies immediately after the fall (both – of Shakhtersk and arrived at the scene in less than half an hour after the accident). With their words and write. They stressed that many corpses were “entirely bloodless” – as if the blood curled long before the disaster. Also noted the strongest and putrid smell, marked by many locals – this odor in any weather for half an hour could not be formed, and the weather was overcast yesterday, not too hot.


Fourth, himself with extreme suspicion concern to all kinds of “conspiracy theory”, but 18 of our soldiers poisoned chemistry in position in Semenovka, shooting family members of militias and other “small pleasures Svidomo patriots” have convinced me that the Ukrainian authorities are capable of any meanness.


Pilots, of course, were quite alive – the whole cabin (and the front end is well preserved) was literally flooded with their blood. “

A penny for your thoughts?

MH-17 that was flying over a war zone in Ukraine and crashed near the border with Russia. Even after dropping 33,000 feet and exploding on impact, film footage shows debris everywhere, huge chunks of plane thrown randomly around and human victims clearly recognizable. Yet to this day we are told the US government’s narrative that the plane that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9/11 evaporated into the thin air.

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  1. The US neocon propaganda story is a lie, I think can be assumed. Who benefits ? Not Russia, not the rebels. The “blame Russia”-script was being pumped out in media within an hour of the plane crash.

  2. Why of course downed airliners leave debris everywhere. That’s why no aircraft crashed at Shanksville, PA. That was a total lie only to be believed by the truly niave.and stupid.

    • You must be an idiot. Shank like plane crashed intact, straight into the ground, under power or in an uncontrolled vertical dive. Smithereens does not begin to describe the results of such a crash. Flight 17 broke up mid air and pieces of it simply fell to earth. There you go. Difference between an aerodynamic dart and a buch of non-aerodynamic debris that basically floats to earth without much velocity.

  3. A plane in UAV mode, automatically taking off and following trajectory full with corpses, a few bloodsacks thrown in with the two corpses posed as “pilots” to create some “believability”, the totally bunked coroner forensics of MH17 (check it up, it’s a coverup scandal, nobody even wanted to involve themselves with the body investigation in fear of persecution), all show and prove – it’s a HOAX constructed by USA, Netherlands, Ukraine, Israel(?) and Malaysia(?).
    There can be no logical doubt of this. Nobody would sacrifice their own citizens for a scam like this, not for a propaganda stunt for a 3rd world country like Ukraine.

    The fact that Ukraine & USA are on the investigation board (sic!) clearly shows that the “investigators” couldn’t care less about a just inquiry.

    There was NOT A SINGLE LIVING HUMAN on that plane! Logic says it is so.
    KAL 902 is plain evidence that USA is up for it, and has pulled off this sort of a trick already decades ago. A Korean airliner, probably also autopiloted and empty, that had American spy planes hiding in it’s radar shadow. 911 proves without shadow of a doubt that being in a Boeing means being a potential sacrificial lamb for Washington, any day, any hour, any minute.

    As usual, plain deductive logic gets covered up with dungheaps of pseudo-facts and conflicting versions in media to delude inquisitive brains into false leads. Ignore them and see the simulation/hoax for what it is.
    The laughable Buk version can be thrown into the dustbin with 100% certainty – a missile of that speed and weight will tear a warship apart, a tincan like the Boeing would fragment into thousands of pieces already at 10000 meters, and spread over an enormous area.


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