The US State Department has evidence on who shot down flight MH-17 courtesy of youtube!


Watching the video clip below gave me indigestion, honestly does the State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf  honestly believe that the public will accept social media as a valid source of information?  How the fuck did  she get that job? She can’t act or lie to save her ass for anything I mean she is just pathetic.

The mouthpiece talks double speak. Lets have some common sense here – they don’t have the evidence and have been trumped by the Russians. Remember folks this is not the 1st time Secretary Kerry has been emphatically wrong.

The uncomfortable thing about this is the alarming speed with which the Western media came up with all this ‘evidence’ on social media, all of which can easily be faked, and used it to make a case with headlines like ‘Putin DId It’. I’m not saying ithey’re wrong, I’m saying question everything. The Russians have largely been on the back-foot in the evidence department until today but they have come up with some interesting questions. My view is we need a thorough independent international inquiry, not a media witch hunt to really get to the bottom of this.

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