Palestinian Sniper Kills Isreali Army Captain


The Al Qassam Brigade have released a video of what appears to be  a Hamas sniper taking a shot at an Israeli soldier. The Israeli, identified as Captain Dmitri Levitas, was in a tank and was shot in the arm. The shot literally ripped his arm off, this fatal injury eventually lead to the soldier’s death.

If we were all  to completely disregard the fact that this video is from Gaza, and just pretend for a moment that our country had been  invaded  by another nation, bombed people’s houses and massacred their children, I suppose the defenders of my country would be in the utmost right to take him out in the same manner, and nobody could possibly object to it in any way. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York, London, Berlin, Mumbai, Budapest or Gaza, if a foreign force invades your land and starts to indiscriminately kill your friends and family, you have every right to defend yourself against the invader.



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