Update: English Speaking Mercenary in Mariupol has been identified as Brit Leon Swampy From London, England


Thanks to the power of the internet, the foreign mercenary filmed on Azov Battalion video has been identified as Instagram user swampychris30.

The rent-a-murderer quickly responded to being identified by deleting the account, but one can still look him up through various other means.

You can for example go to google.com, search for swampychris30 and then switch to mages –> it should lead you to this page. [link to www.google.co.uk (secure)]

If you look at the pictures of him in Google cache, and compare them to the guy in the video, you’ll be certain it’s the same guy.
also [link to webcache.googleusercontent.com (secure)]

is the cache of his recent post on Instagram, in which he complains about the food he gets while fighting, and in a comment he expresses a wish for an English breakfast. In another comment, he tags @bbwarehouse, which appears to be a British online shop for body builders. These hints may suggest that he was British.

His name is Chris Garrett. He’s from the Isle of Man.

[link to www.iomtoday.co.im]

image [link to thedailyledeblog.files.wordpress.com (secure)]

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  1. MayorGalvan ‏@MayorGalvan713 · 14s14 seconds ago
    Viva Atletico de Madrid ! Viva Garcia y Torres ! Fuck the Zionist Terrorist Jewish Pigs at Facebook who have me blocked again for 30 days.

  2. The Azov “special purpose regiment” Chris Garrett – “AKA Leon Swampy” his unit in Ukraine


    Using the Nazi Black Sun symbol in there regiments badge, the blue and yellow patch on his left arm see link.


    Nazi Black Sun from google images see link


  3. Oh, great! At least one westerner identified in Ukraine!
    Now, let’s talk on the herds of Buryats, Chechens, Osetians, etc. Where’re they come from?

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