Armed Dutch Man attempts to broadcast an important message on National News Channel has information from secret agencies around the world that the world needs to know.


Armed Man Demands Airtime On Dutch Broadcaster
A building belonging to broadcaster NOS is evacuated in Hilversum after a man with a gun demands airtime.

Dutch national broadcaster NOS temporarily went off air after an man armed with a gun entered the building and demanded airtime.

The RTL press agency said a building belonging to NOS in Hilversum was cleared on Thursday evening after the man walked into the building.

He was later arrested at the scene, the agency added.

NOS broadcast an onscreen message which read: “In connection with circumstances, no broadcast is available at this time.”

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

For everyone who can’t speak Dutch, here’s what was said (a quick summary by me):

Man: “I think it’s really nice you… Ehm, you’re staying calm and that’s very nice of you.”

Doorman: “I’m just as nervous as you are. Between us men, at home I’ve also got, I’d really, I’d really like to go home. So I’m not going to be standing in your way.”

Man: “Yes I understand.”

Doorman: “With the risk…”

Man: “Right.”

Doorman: “And I’m glad you want me to go home tonight as well. We have to make sure that you.. ehm. This [the hostage situation] has been created for a reason.”

Man: “Yes, of course. – pause, moves a bit across the room – I hope that… Would you please take a seat over there – points – for later when I can start [the live broadcast]. I can promise you nothing will happen to you, but ehm, it’s different when I’m alone here. They’re [the police] probably already standing outside. As far as I know, ehm, the things I will be saying… they are worldnews. We are, well, hired by Intelligence Agencies and ehm, there we’ve come across things which question modern society and those we’ll be taking public now.”

Doorman: “Mhm.”

Man: “So that’s why I said, we’re not that bad people. We’re doing it for the ordinary citizen as well. But that’s why it’s possible people from above [higher-ups] are saying to whomever: “Just kill him, nobody can know about this.” And if I’m sitting here alone, then ehm, it’s very likely they’ll go in and shoot me down.”

Doorman: “I uhm, I don’t know, I assume the director ehm… I just really hope that, even if I’m sitting there…”

Man: “I promise that… You can shake my hand on it srsly dude?”

Doorman: “-something I didn’t understand- …you don’t take me with you.”

Man: “No, no, of course. I’d just like you… I would appreciate it if you would to sit there, the chance is smaller they’ll undertake such an operation if you stay here.”

Doorman: “Right, like that you mean.”

Man: “Yes. When my speech is over then… I will just let you go then.”

Doorman: “Alright but when you’re done, you’ll be going outside with me I believe?”

Man: “No I think I’ll let you go first. I will let myself get arrested, you can go outside then. -Getting anxious/nervous, moving around- This is taking too long.”

Doorman: “Ehm, I believe.. Can you hear me? [talking into his earpiece I think]. Anyway, I think you’ve got a link online.”

Man: “But is there a connect. This is taking too long.”

Doorman: “You’ve heard just like I that the mic works.”

Man: “Yes the mic works but I need to know we’re live on TV. And I’m not getting anything through from ehm…”

Doorman: “Yes, but ehm, you said you can only hear them. They can’t here you, you see? You’re standing here with the camera and the red light on it is on.”

Man: “Yes but I heard them say the mic works… -looking to the side- There’s the police already.”

Doorman: “I… Can I walk outside?”

Man: “Later, OK. When the speech is over.” – Holds hand up toward police – Stay… What are you doing, sir.”

And then the police walks in and he drops the gun.

  • Edit: Authorities have released some (as of yet) unconfirmed information. The armed man is supposedly a student at the TU Delft (a Dutch university). Supposedly the suspect has lost his parents recently.
  • Edit2: Rumors about the mans identity are being spread, nothing confirmed as of yet.
  • Edit3: Police has confirmed the suspect is a 19 year old male, currently living in The Netherlands.
  • Edit4: I just love the fact that even with all this happening, the Dutch news broadcast ends with the weather forecast as they always do. Oddly comforting.
  • Edit5: Thanks /u/marijnfs for the generous Bitcoin tip! It’s my first ever, pretty excited about that!

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