SPD Officer Removed from Street Duty as Elderly Vet was arrested for No Reason!

William Wingate, arrested last summer for "walking in Seattle "

William Wingate, arrested last summer for “walking in Seattle “

An elderly man with no criminal record ended up harassed and arrested by a power tripping cop for no apparent reason, other than because she wanted to arrest someone, and drove around until she found a suitable victim. Her excuse? The man used a golf club as his walking stick.


In the dashboard video, Seattle Police Department officer Cynthia Whitlatch accuses William Wingate of having swung the golf club at her when she turned the corner at 11th and Pike. She used the same accusation again when she stopped to harass him, although at no time during the 20 minutes long video he’s seen swinging the club.

Her driving through the 11th and Pike intersection is on the video at about 12 seconds mark. The “suspect” is not even visible at that intersection. The report said that he swung the golf club and hit a stop sign with it. That stop sign would have been on the opposite side of the street from the police car.

The bully accosts William Wingate two blocks further. During the 103 seconds that pass, she does not radio for backup, she does not use her sirens, she drives at a leisurely pace, she passes the police station and does not request backup. Does this sound like the action of someone who just had a “weapon” swung at them?

The incident occurred on July 9, 2014. Thanks to the video finally going public, Seattle PD apologized for the arrest and dismissed the charges. The offending officer was punished with… counseling from her supervisor. Translation – her supervisor told her to make sure she’s not on camera next time she feels like harassing someone. According to the statement by the Seattle PD, this was “an appropriate resolution“.

Cynthia Whitlatch has also been removed from street duty and placed in an administrative position. How long that will last is anyone’s guess. She could easily quit and go to another police precinct and get a job on the street there, where she’d be free to harass people who do nothing wrong again.

I like how in the video, she references the recording of the video herself. She’s like: “I am recording you swinging that club at me…“, which is the same type of word game as “Stop resisting“. They accuse the victim of doing something, even though they don’t do it, because when all is said and done, all witnesses would remember is cops screaming “Stop Resisting!” which affirms in their mind that that’s what the victim was doing.

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