New Ukraine Police Force


By Евгения Ковалева: The Ukrainian Social Networks are filled with selfie of new police
On 4 August, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, signed “The law on the National Police”. That day over 2000 police officers took the oath and set off patrolling Kiev streets. Citizens has noted unprecedented friendliness of the new police. They help tourists to navigate the terrain, give technical assistance to drivers, and the number of Kyivites selfie with new policemen is impressive. Now the new police units are also patrolling the streets of Lviv and Odessa. It will be operating in 8 major cities of Ukraine by the end of the year.
There were more than 33 000 applicants, willing to change their lives and start serving for the benefit of Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens. Among new policemen former representatives of different professions can be traced, including teachers, managers, supervisors, journalists, lawyers, etc. There were about 20 people aged under 35, competing to fill a vacancy. Women represent around 37% of new police. Candidates were tested in a range of psychological tests, in which their logical, analytical and communicative skills were checked. One of the most crucial factors were their physical health.

Ukraine New Police-1 (1)
New police professional capacity include patrolling,  public order protection, checking and recording law violations,  traffic regulation, checking vehicle and driver licenses, accidents and household offenses  registration, providing emergency care, special investigation activities, etc.
Their salary is three times as much as that of their predecessors, this way the government intends to combat corruption. For this project, brand new police equipment was supplied including guns, magazine cases, batons, pepper sprays, torches, arm restraints, etc. Uniform was produced in the USA and police cars – Toyota Prius were provided by Japan according to the Kyoto Protocol.
All these actions were taken in order to improve the public image of executive authorities, increase trust level and ensure law and order. Surprisingly new police proved to be nothing like people on the former USSR terrains accustomed to, giving hope to turn Ukraine into a truly democratic state.

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  1. Excellent reporting from Kiev. Well done Evgenia and keep up the good work!


  1. New Ukraine Police Force | News Wire 24

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