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    16.04.2023 @ 23:33

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    Kodi 18 Leia is the latest version that is available on the internet, and for first-time Kodi users, this new version couldnt come soon enough. Our guide teaches you how to install Kodi on Windows with minimal effort, allowing you to watch the latest movies, TV shows, and documentaries from your favorite Kodi add-ons. However, when you install Kodi on Windows, make sure to also subscribe to FastestVPN if you want to unblock the best Kodi add-ons or secure your network data when downloading those add-ons. Note: Downloading or installing anything from the internet is incredibly dangerous and you should not attempt it if you are not properly protected. Possible risks of doing anything online without FastestVPN include privacy violations, data hacking, or your computer being affected by malicious viruses and much more. In our opinion, prevention is better than cure, so when you install Kodi on Windows, keep in mind to also subscribe to FastestVPN. Get a VPN for streaming.

    How to install and run Kodi 18 Leia? Before we explain how to install Kodi on Windows, you need to understand what the latest version of Kodi offers you. Kodi 18 Leia was officially released in early 2019 and has become a favorite among fans, with features such as a dedicated games menu, updated media library, and much more. Kodi is, in general, an open-source streaming platform. Installing the latest version for your device is as easy as going to their official website. Scroll down to install Kodi on Windows or any other device. Wait for the download to finish, and then select the file to run the installation wizard, after which you are all set.

    Can I run/install Kodi on Windows 10? By far the easiest way to install Kodi on Windows 10 is to download it directly from the dedicated Windows store. However, you can also install Kodi on Windows by going to the Kodi website, and for those wondering if the Kodi Windows installer works perfectly in any version of Windows you have.

    Can I update Kodi on my Windows computer? After the release of the latest version of Kodi, many users of older versions; Kodi 16.1 or Kodi 17.6 are probably wondering how they can update/install Kodi on Windows. Close Kodi on your device. In your browser, type the following URL and install the Kodi version on Windows. When the downloaded file is finished, select to open it. After you install Kodi on Windows,